Hackmamba Content Sprint

In line with our commitment to fostering innovation and facilitating community-driven problem-solving, we are thrilled to announce the Hackmamba Content Sprint!

Whazzz Sprinting?!

We seek to harness the power of the community and tackle real-world challenges within the serverless Postgres space. This initiative aligns with a broader vision for modern, cloud-native architecture in database management.

The Objective

Your participation in the Hackmamba Content Sprint allows you to collaborate with like-minded individuals in a shared mission to create high-quality technical content.By joining, you gain a platform to showcase your technical expertise and address real-world challenges in the serverless Postgres domain.Together, we aim to inspire creative thinking, foster innovation, and elevate the quality of technical content.

Program Timeline

5 weeks duration. The program starts on the 6th of November and ends on the 5th of December, 2023.

Vetting Process

Editors evaluate content and code demos, assigning scores based on:

Code Demos

  • Relevance to real-world problems

  • Readability and conciseness

  • Functionality

  • Deployability

  • Originality

Content Quality

  • Check for plagiarism

  • Assess simplicity, clarity, and directness

  • Review for conciseness and structure

  • Evaluate grammar quality and engagement.


  • $150 payment for each content piece

  • $50 bonus for meeting specific criteria

  • Flexible payment methods via Wise, Wire, Paypal, or other convenient options

About Hackmamba

We combat inadequate documentation, technical marketing content, and tutorials to empower software teams globally.Publish product-focused go-to-market and developer content that converts. Save time, cost, and focus on what truly matters. We do the rest.